About Us

Hi I’m Amanda

I own The Party Parlour, a small family run business that started in 2015. The idea for the business came from the frustration of parents trying to find suitable party venues for their children’s parties.

As busy parents don’t want either the stress or mess of hosting a party in their own home and therefore look for venues that do all the work for them i.e. organised activities, games, food, etc, but also a venue that offers something different to the many play gyms around. This is when The Party Parlour was born.

I first came across The Party Parlour when I too was looking for a party venue for my then 4 year old, i didn’t want to just do a play gym party, as that can be quiet generic, and did not offer the personal touch I was looking for, as birthday parties are very special for each and every child. The location was good, the facilities were ideal, there was nothing else like it around.

Fast forward 3 years, and I am now the owner of the Party Parlour, as I believed in the idea and concept so much so that I personally wanted to offer this tailor made approach to children’s parties.

A birthday party is a very special event in the lives of our children (and their parents!). We all know how stressful and messy it can be trying to make it perfect for them, and that’s where The Party Parlour team come in. We are here to take everything out of your hands, so you can simply sit back, relax and watch your Prince or Princess enjoy their special day.

We offer a wide range of Party Packages to suit all ages, however we are also happy to tailor-make parties to suit your individual requirements. We relish the challenge of making your child’s day as special as we can. I organise all the parties myself, so if you would like to discuss an upcoming party idea in more detail or maybe check out potential dates, please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you!


“The Party Parlour will make your child’s party a truly magical, special occasion. Whatever their choice of theme, we’re passionate about delivering an experience that they and their friends will really enjoy.”