Cupcake Party

On arrival all party guests receive an apron and chef’s hat to wear. They then design & decorate a cupcake box before going on to create their own decorations for their cupcakes using fondant and fun shaped cutters. Then the real decorating begins! Each guest will receive 4 home baked cupcakes & will get to decorate them with homemade frosting using piping bags, sprinkles, sweeties, chocolate drops & lots more…..

Once the children have finished decorating their cupcakes they break for food before the fun begins again with a mini disco, snow machine, party games & fun prizes! All children will be awarded with a cupcake decorating certificate at the end of the party which they take home along with their cupcakes!

What’s Included? 

  • Printable party invite template
  • Each guest will get a chef’s hat & cupcake box to decorate
  • Each guest will receive 4 home baked cupcakes to decorate
  • Homemade frosting, piping bags & all sprinkle decorations provided
  • Party food- sandwich selection, pizza, cocktail sausages, carrot & cucumber sticks, fruit, crisps, cakes & biscuits to finish off
  • Unlimited cordial throughout the party
  • Mini disco
  • Snow machine
  • Party games & fun prizes

The total cost for the cupcake party is £185 for 8 children. Additional children are £20 each with a maximum of 15 children in total. Suitable from age 4-11 years. The party will last approx 2 hours. You can add any theme or upgrade to this party.

Please note we do charge an extra £20 for joint parties